Friday, March 28, 2008

Single Mother

I am a single mother to a wonderful 3 year old. I take care of him mainly by myself. His father only gets aprox. 3-1/2 days a month with him which is just enough time to mess up my son's routine. So it seems like-well really I am-the sole caregiver. My family lives in another state so I don't have a huge support system here. It makes it hard and I found this article which had such a sweet poem. If you are a single mother (Sorry dads-you could probably just mentally change the mother to father-there are many wondeful single dads out there who also do such a wonderful job and don't really get the credit they deserve! You are awesome too!) So here is the link to read the article

Right now, my son will be going to play therapy. It is sad that he has to go through this. My ex and I have been divorced since August 2007. My son is actually pretty good despite all that has happened. But he is having anxiety. I have to take my son to daycare every morning when I go to work and he holds on to my leg and won't let go. He will not go to sleep in his room because he wants to sleep wherever I am at. If I am on the couch watching TV, he has to sleep there. If I am in the kitchen, he wants to be in the floor. I have been really lucky that he has not become aggressive during this time. Some children tend to become aggressive when they are stressed. This is another article that is good to read. But I also feel that play therapy is a wonderful way to help them. Our play therapist's office is calming. She has very soft, calming music playing. The lights are really bright. And of course there are millions of toys. Play really can tell a lot about what a child is thinking. So anyway, here is the link