Sunday, September 14, 2008

Book of Mormon reading time

Last year I set a goal that I would read the Book of Mormon with my son in one year. I would love to say that this has happened! We are halfway through Mosiah. Which is awesome still. I may not meet my goal, but at least I am trying! I somehow lost our Book of Mormon reading chart so I searched on the internet to find it again. I came across this site. It has some really neat printables, but there is a scripture notebook that you can buy for kids. I think it is cute.

The Book of Mormon for Latter-Day Families is a very good tool for family scripture study. It is kind-of expensive, but it is worth the money. Now, I think this book I am going to add to my Christmas list for Santa Claus (I have been ever so good!) because it is a wonderful book.

Here are two more links that are great. The first is a Primary Sharing Time lesson posted on about scripture reading. The second is on and it has a very cute scripture reading chart for kids. I have not been able to locate the other reading chart I used that was really cute, but this will work!,4945,2045-1-4369-1,00.html

And last but not least, if you have a hard time getting your personal scripture reading done, go to this website.