Monday, September 14, 2009


Jonah and I made it down to Memphis Friday! It is so nice to get to begin the move. It feels like it has taken a long time to get to this point. Jonah and I are hanging out with the family before we have to go out to Utah. Although Jonah made the comment that he didn't want to leave Nanny and Poppy's and was a little sad that we have to.

On our way down from Louisville we stopped off at the Casey Jones museum and home in Jackson, TN. It is a very cute place to visit. You can do a self guided tour of his home. You can also climb on a smaller replica engine that Casey Jones was driving on the fateful day. The resturant was very clean and the food was awesome. They had a soup bar that offered rolls and corn cakes.

It is worth visiting when passing through. Jonah loves trains...well, trains, planes and automobiles!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Life is fun!

Only a few more weeks until my big move. So much has happened since my last post. My son was admitted to the hospital for respiratory distress due to asthma. I have had surgery. Luckily we are doing fine now.

I also went to court to petition to move out of Kentucky so Joshua can finish BYU. We won the court case. So Jonah and I are packing up and moving.

I promise that packing by myself is so much worse than surgery. I am getting closer to being done. THANK GOODNESS! Once life settles down for me I should be able to start posting recipes again.

I am finally posting a couple of pictures of Joshua and I. My sister-in-law took the pictures. They are wonderful!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Manti Temple or Bust!

The date has been set! Joshua and I are getting married in the Manti Temple June 18th of this year. I am so excited. Joshua is my best friend and it is a blessing to have him in my life. What makes it wonderful is Jonah loves Joshua and Joshua loves Jonah. His family is so wonderful and they have been so open and accepting. They already consider me family. I have to say I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have the perfect guy...who is perfect because he was raised by a wonderful family.

My dress is a Maggie Sottero. It is beautiful!

The reception will be the night before since we will be married early in the morning. The venue is at White Willow Wedding reception center. It looks amazing.

The cake that I chose is from Ladybug cakes and catering.
The specific cake is the Lindsey at the top. Instead of the lilies I decided to do white daisys. They are a perfect flower for June. The other cake I wanted was from One Sweet Slice. This website has some pretty wedding cakes also, but they where completely booked. The cake I loved from this site was the Jaci. That is actually where I decided the colors and flowers. It looked elegant. The lindsey cake from Ladybug's is also very elegant looking.

Well, I will post pictures when I get the chance! Hopefully I will get to post an engagement picture of us soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The love of my life-of course besides my son

I haven't posted anything on my blog for awhile...again. I have been so busy with eveything going on in my life. I haven't had a chance to really post much about my fiance Joshua. Well, I know I post a lot of recipes so I did want to mention that he cooks! Wow. He made Jonah and I dinner and dessert. Was it good!! The first was a potato cheese soup that had carrots in it. It was wonderful. I have never had a potato soup with vegetables in it. If I can remember I will post that one because it was a comfort food. Then Sunday he made lasagna. That was quick and very good. The weird thing about me is that I have never been successful making lasagna.
For dessert he made us a cake with homemade chocolate frosting. I was in heaven. It was his mother's recipe. It was better than store bought but I also think that it is the perfect frosting for doughnuts. Last year I made some doughnuts (using the refridgerated biscuits) and I had a hard time finding a frosting/glaze for them. I am picky about my chocolate. Well, this was very delicious. The last dessert that he made was vanilla ice cream with warmed applesauce on top. I liked it. I don't usually eat ice cream. I didn't eat a lot that night in regards to dessert since I was so full from everything. I was just spoiled to death.
There is so much to write about Joshua. He is such a joy in my life and Jonah just loves him. He has been reading to Jonah almost every night. Right now we are reading James and the Giant Peach. I believe we are actually close to the end. I am not sure which book we are going to start next.

Butterscotch oatmeal

I made butterscotch oatmeal for breakfast this morning. I have made it before but it has been such a long time. I am not a fan of plain oatmeal. It has to have tons of flavor in it. I found the recipe again This is also a fun little recipe source.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Oh my, I did not realize how long it has been since I last made an entry. It has been pretty hectic around here. Now Jonah and I are sick and not to much is getting done. But at this point it doesn't bother me. I haven't experimented with any new recipes lately. I have kind of had a boring cooking experience lately. Well, during Christmas my mother bought me a fondue pot. We tried a recipe with sirloin steak and a really good chili sauce. I will try to find the recipe on that and post it since it was pretty simple but very good.

I just made a bloody mary chicken in the crockpot. It was pretty good. It calls for bloody mary mix, but since I had spicy V8 I just decided to use that. You put the chicken in the crockpot. I used 2 small cans of the spicy V8 with a lb of boneless skinless chicken breast. If you like more sauce then use more of the V8. Then you add carrots, celery, a little minced garlic and onions. Cook on low for about 8 hours. I served this over couscous since I love it. It really wasn't that expensive with the V8. I did not price the bloody mary mix so I am not sure how much that would cost.