Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have made it back from Disney World and Stuart, Florida. Disney World was so wonderful I cannot wait to return someday. I have learned a lot from my trip so that the next time I go, I will be able to visit rides that I wasn't able to see before. There were so many wonderful websites out there on planning your Disney trip. I don't want to be negative because with my experience, it did not always work out so beautifully. Just with that, when you plan your trip and go by what people post on their blogs, just have in mind that it may not work out for you and your family. If it does, that is great. Some sites talk about pre-decorating your autograph book. One person in my group did and the characters did not sign on the correct page. The handlers were very curt about time. Now, the handler for Mulan was not happy that my son was acting too shy. This caused Mulan to come over and spend extra time with my son. Not to mention he speaks Mandarin very well for his age since he is in dual immersion. So she sat over talking to Jonah for 10 minutes.
we were in Disney World for 4 days and we spent so much time in lines for autographs, Kidcot stations, stamps at Animal Kingdom that it got old quickly. Most characters you had to go stand in line for 30 minutes prior to the character coming out. The handlers would cut people off and say you were too late the line was closed 20 minutes prior to the character coming out. So it was time wasted running to that location.
I will post more on this subject later. It is not meant to down anyone's blog or be negative, it is just to say that don't expect it all to go the way you would want it. But it definitally is worth going to several times.