Saturday, September 6, 2008


I found this link while I was on a forum at It is too funny!

I don't know why the books are addicting, but they are. I have read the series at least 3 times within a month. It is making it so very hard hoping and wishing that Stephenie Meyer will release Midnight Sun. I think that it will only add to the addiction. Hopefully everyone is sending in their support for Stephenie Meyer to release the book. I am pretty sure that Midnight Sun will give me the closure I needed from Breaking Dawn. That was the issue I had with Breaking Dawn - no closure! There was not enough Bella and Edward and the sweet relationship...the relationship that caused me not to put the book down when my son wanted me to read to him
( I wonder if it would be wrong to read him Twilight? That way I could continue reading the
book and he really doesn't listen to me anyway.........oh, I guess that would not be good!
"Fine Jonah, bring me the I-Spy book!"
Ha, he spends most of the time looking for the pictures and there is not that much
to read! *snicker* *snicker* .........)
and feeding my child peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so I can put him to bed by 7:30 pm so I could return to the book. With Breaking Dawn, I wanted to have more of the Bella and Edward after they dealt with the Volturi (speaking of, did anyone else notice Vladimir from Romania? Vladimir the impaler was the real person who inspired Dracula).