Friday, May 24, 2013

I haven't been posting awhile again

Today Seth is a month old! I haven't been able to post since I was really ill while I was pregnant. I was on home health for IV fluids and a Zofran pump. Then I had gestational diabetes and had the hardest time keeping under control, even on 4 Gly-buride pills. I have to be tested every year to every other year now for Type II since we have it in our family.

Seth was born on a Friday 4 weeks ago. He was 8 lbs. and 14 oz and 22+ in. long. I was only in labor for a few hours luckily and it was a quick delivery. Horrible pregnancy but wonderful delivery. I actually recovered quickly. I wasn't given any narcotics for pain going home since they now give you just get Advil. I hardly had to take any.

Since I have been home I have made several Pinterest meals but also meals on Rachael Ray's website. One included a recipe from the Cake Boss. I will post these meals soon. I have just been busy with my babies.

Jonah will be switching to an online Academy called Utah Connections Academy. He will still be learning Chinese through this school but will have FrogWatch and Robotics and Chess Clubs.

He has also earned his Wolf Badge a few weeks ago.


Breanna Dreyer said...

Hi Sarah, We actually considered doing UCC with Libertie, but decided not to since her brother was going into first grade, and we'd like him to have the same experience. I was also concerned that the Chinese with UCC was lower level that what Libertie knew. I've heard wonderful things about the school though, and it's on our list if we decide to leave SL. Glad to hear that you delivered your baby safe and sound! Hope you don't mind that I found you via fb to your blog. lol I was thinking about you today, mostly because I heard from Roxanne and was totally curious where you were sending your son! Best of luck you guys!! :)