Saturday, November 8, 2008

Food Storage

The the left there is a button to link to a really cool website on food storage. It is awesome and I think you all need to check this website out.

Also, with everything going on I have been researching a little more on preparing my food storage. I have a few roadstops. One problem that I have is that Jonah and I live in an apartment. We cannot store propane in our apartments. So I posted my question on asking about other sources of fuel. This was a really big issue for some when Hurricane Ike decided to grace us with his presence. It was enough proof that any weird thing could happen no matter where you live. Generators were hard to find for some. I believe that I mentioned in an earlier post that some lost power for over a week. Luckily fast food restaurants were open! That may not be the case next time.

So when I posted on the question I received several good ideas. I will try to list the responses in the next few weeks.

The first one I read was about the petromax lantern. This is really worth looking into. I am sure I can store some of these in my food storage. I wonder how that would look if I had one shelf of food storage and another shelf of pure drinking alcohol? That would be funny! :)

Another issue I have is drinking water. This will be something I will have to look into soon. I love the idea about the 55lb drinking water tank but it would not fit into my apartment. This is one thing that I will have to work on since you will have to use a lot more water if you are storing freeze-dried and dehydrated food. When I get more information on water, I will post things that I find.


Hannah said...

Great questions on food storage.

If you are concerned about losing your food storage if the power goes out (freezer food, etc), consider storing only non-perishables in your food storage. We have a food storage blog where we share recipes weekly that use ONLY these kinds of foods.

Also, you can still bake these foods without electricity if you make a cardboard box oven. We have a link to the directions for making this on the righthand side of our blog.

I hope this information can help you out! As for water storage, I bought some square 8-gallon water jugs from WalMart, which are convenient.

Good luck!
Hannah @

The Mortenson Family said...

We found these awesome food storage buckets on they're $85 a piece, but each on contains a 3 month supply of food for one person and the shelf life is 20 years! We bought one for each of us and the buckets are totally small enough to store in an apartment. I know this doesn't solve the water and fuel problem, but it's a great start to food storage. Check it out...

Jen =)

Amber said...

Hey! I found your blog!! How are you? Good luck with food storage!