Thursday, March 20, 2008

72 Hour Kits for Children

I was looking for 72 hour kits on the Internet and found this article. It is getting close to our rocky season. We have actually had several tornadoes in the area these past several months. This week we have had so much rain we have had a flood warning this whole week. The Ohio River is over the flood stage and is not supposed to crest until possibly tomorrow. So it is time to prepare. The last thing people think of is bringing things to keep your kids occupied during these scary times.

Also, another thing I invested in is a weather radio. I think it was a year or two ago in Evansville, IN (I went to high school there) a tornado hit a trailer park. Many people were killed. No one had weather radios. I love mine and it even goes off if there is an Amber Alert. My weather radio went off two years ago when there was a train derailment in the city. The train cars were transporting chemicals. The weather radio went off to alert of the hazard. It happened only a few miles from my home at that time. Trust me, they can be loud and annoying when they go off...but they could save your life!