Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Italian Chicken recipe

Tried this tonight. Although I hate to say it was not 3 year old friendly. My son cried with food in his mouth "I hate mados!" Poor thing. He didn't realize that there was a finely chopped red pepper in it. This kid is not afraid of spicy foods though. He loves the buffalo flavored fish crackers which I think are kind of spicy. He went through speech therapy for a while and they loved that they did not have to upset him by giving him spicy chips. They said it was wonderful for kids who have problems speaking to eat spicy chips and sour (like the sour gummi worms). They said it "stimulates". Well, I was more afraid of what it would "stimulate" in his tummy. Luckily not much. So anyway, I made this recipe my own. I added a few things but you can find the original recipe online titled "Italian Chicken Simmer". So with me doing a different variation, I am not sure if it changed the nutritional value of the meal.

1 tbsp of olive oil - I used oil that had italian flavors
2 lbs of skinless chicken breast
1 can diced tomatoes-undrained
italian seasoning
minced garlic - a few tbsp
1 small can tomato paste
2 cups chopped red peppers
grated parmesan cheese
1.2 cup shredded italian five cheese blend
-heat oil in skillet and cook the chicken. Add tomatoes w/ liquid, tomato paste, seasonings, peppers and garlic. Reduce heat and simmer. Make sure chicken is completely cooked- 180 degrees. Stir in parmesan and sprinkle the shredded cheese on top. Let cheese melt and serve. I served w/ couscous and rolls.

This wasn't too bad. I found the following recipe off the Kraft Food and Family website http://www.kraftfoods.com/kf If you get a chance you need to sign up for their magazine. It is awesome. And it is free. No, I am not getting paid for this :) I just really love the magazine. I get it every quarter and have made may things from it. If you like black bean soup, you should search for that also because their recipe was quick and wonderful. I used it at a potluck and work and everyone loved it. And I did do anything different in that recipe.