Monday, March 17, 2008

Recipe Books

Okay, these two books have been under major controversy in several areas. I really don't see what the big deal is. Some people just make too much out things. The cookbooks are Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld and The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine. The idea for both books are to hide healthy veggies (which I am 32 and I would give up broccoli for a cheeseburger anyday!) into spaghetti or - one example is spinach in brownies. Okay, I have both books but I am skeptical on that one recipe. Well, it was in the news that Ms. Lapine was suing Ms. Seinfeld for plagerizing. That was canned of course - because like the Judge had said, is Ms. Lapine the only person in the world with the idea to sneak veggies into food by puree? Hm.....don't think so. I wish my mom and dad would have been nice to do that for me. HA! They plopped nasty brussel sprouts (sorry to the people who love brussel sprouts-if it isn't made of sugar, don't even bother) on our plates. That's okay, that only sparked my imaginative mind on coming up with ways to get rid of brussel sprouts. I couldn't even get our dog to eat them. And they say dogs are your friends! Anyway....that was the first controversy. The second was that there were many, many people complaining it was "lying" to children. Must be the same people who don't believe in Santa Clause and the Easter bunny. Because I am so sure that every parent who thinks this is lying goes over every single ingredient with their children prior to them eating it. "Yes, honey. I put liver and sprouts in that soup." Okay, I hope there really is not a recipe with those two ingredients in it. Yuck. Anyway, I say who cares as long as your child is eating. Tell them there are beets in the cake. Who cares, it just might make it easier for them to swallow! Less fight at the dinner table. Would you like to argue with them about eating, finally making them leave the table and not eat or eat their dinner w/veggies snuck in?

Like I said earlier I have both books. And I think some of the recipes don't "sound" good, but I want to try them. I haven't been able to at this time. It does take some time to puree the veggies. But still, they are good ideas. I would not recommend one over the other because they all have different ideas that are good. So I think many people should try them.